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Who is Limitless Endeavours   ?  

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Hi! My name is Barb and I make Art!

I enjoy bringing my ideas to life, so I turned my life long passion creating things into a business and founded Limitless Endeavours® in 2012.

The very first items to hit the store were small unarticulated dolls, followed by poseable creatures. Soon after, the first DIY Kits were available. Later I directed my focus mainly on resin casting.

However, with a new baby in the house I have decided to give my old art an indefinite break and try something new that involves less chemicals. Stay tuned!


As always, thank you for your support throughout the years!
Much love, my friends!

I'm Jonathan - Dive into the world of magic with me!

This is my text box. I haven't come up with a description of myself yet. Read about me soon!

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