DIY Ball Python Magnet

Snakes are mythical creatures that are being often misunderstood and harmed. Those gentle serpents come in many beautiful colors and patterns. Do you have a favorite morph you'd like to own? Or perhaps create a copy of your beloved pet? This resin figurine gives you the opportunity to do so - either for yourself or the special person (or snake) in your life.  Choose between options FULL or CLEAN.

FULL: The full kit comes CLEAN, with eyes and magnets!

CLEAN: If you lack the tools or motivation, I clean, sand & fix the casts for you, so you can start right away with any further creative treatment. This option doesn't come with eyes.

· Under NO circumstances is it allowed, to reproduce resin products Limitless Endeavours© created.
· You are allowed to sell painted figurines, with proper credit given to the creator - Limitless Endeavours© - of the sculpt.
· Using a plastic primer (from the craft store) is recommended, prior to painting resin.
· This is a handmade product. Minor imperfections are normal to occur.

DIY Ball Python Magnet

  • ● Bright white resin cast of my original sculpture


    ● The snake measures ca. 5 1/4" at the longest, and about 2.5" at its widest.