DIY Crested Gecko Magnet

Crested Geckos are fascinating creatures, that come in many beautiful colors and patterns. Do you have a favorite morph you'd like to own? Or perhaps create a copy of your beloved pet? This resin figurine gives you the opportunity to do so - either for yourself or the special person (or gecko) in your life. Choose between options FULL, RAW or CLEAN. 

FULL: The full kit comes CLEAN, with eyes and magnets!

RAW: You receive the cast in the exact condition it is in, after being pulled from the mold. This requires you to trim and sand the pieces, as well as fixing imperfections like air bubbles. A dremel is recommended but sandpaper and ellbow grease work just fine! Fix imperfections with a two part epoxy.

CLEAN: If you lack the tools or motivation, I clean, sand & fix the casts for you, so you can start right away with any further creative treatment.


· Under NO circumstances is it allowed, to reproduce resin products Limitless Endeavours© created.
· You are allowed to sell painted figurines, with proper credit given to the creator - Limitless Endeavours© - of the sculpt.
· Using a plastic primer (from the craft store) is recommended, prior to painting resin.
· This is a handmade product. Minor imperfections are normal to occur.

DIY Crested Gecko Magnet

  • ● Bright white resin cast of my original sculpture


    ● The Gecko measures ca. 6" at the longest, from nose to the curve of the tail