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Sassy Dragon Planters

These 7.5" long dragon planters are modified leachie geckos! I free-hand carved them a plant spot, so each planter is unique. I haven't bothered removing the toolmarks, they fit right in with the rough textured body of the dragon. Beware tho! As tough and steamy they might seem, if you look them straight in the face, you'll meet their dorkiest side..



· Under NO circumstances is it allowed, to reproduce resin products Limitless Endeavours© created.
· You are allowed to sell painted figurines, with proper credit given to the creator - Limitless Endeavours© - of the sculpt.
· Using a plastic primer (from the craft store) is recommended, prior to painting resin.

· Use epoxy putty to create eyes, or set glass eyes if preferred.
· This is a handmade product. Minor imperfections are normal to occur.

Sassy Dragon Planters

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