DIY Muskox/Bison Planter

Muskoxen roam the arctic tundra of nothern Canada and Greenland and have been successfully returned to Alaska, Russia and can now be at your home too. This cute littel baby measures 6" in length, 2.5" high and 3.25" at its widest. It's casted in bright white resin and holds succulents, jewelry or other small items.

RAW: The baby goes straight out of the mold into the box. Get to know each nook and cranny on the cast, fix imperfections and modify to your liking. Have epoxy clay ready, there will be bubbles to fill.

CLEAN: If you lack the tools or motivation, I clean, sand & fix the casts for you, so you can start right away with any further creative treatment.

· Under NO circumstances is it allowed, to reproduce resin products Limitless Endeavours© created.
· You are allowed to sell painted figurines, with proper credit given to the creator - Limitless Endeavours© - of the sculpt.
· Using a plastic primer (from the craft store) is recommended, prior to painting resin.
· This is a handmade product. Minor imperfections are normal to occur.

DIY Muskox/Bison Planter