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Faux Taxidermy Wall Hanging

This faux taxidermy piece is a collaboration between Jesse from Buzzsaw Studio and myself. A true OOAK (one of a kind), featuring a 3D printed alligator snapping turtle skull and a crawfish aka river lobster. The custom base was made by molding real rocks and casting them in resin. I was bringing the scene to life by adding various faux plants, water, real sand and moss. Lastly it was mounted onto a wooden base.


The piece does not come with screws for mounting, but has D-rings attached on the back ready to be hung. It is about 21" tall and 19" wide. Like the skull, the river lobster is permanently affixed to the base - avoid touching it for the thin legs and antennas could break.


Shipping within the US is inculded. I do not trust shipping outside the country to deliver this art piece undamaged. Please be aware of this if you are outside of the US.

Faux Taxidermy Wall Hanging

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