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DIY Sphynx Bust

Choose between options BLANK and CUSTOM.


BLANK: Your cat will come trimmed and cleaned as a DIY version. This option does not come with a base.


CUSTOM: This purchase requires a follow up via email. I will contact you after your purchase to discuss the custom paint. I can match your kitty to a pet or any random color you like. Price for a custom might change if the design is complex (for example unnatural colors or tattoos), so please be open for that. This option does not come with a base. If you like to add a base, let me know in our follow up.


Any other customizations such as horns, antlers, pierced body parts, third eyes, open eyes etc. can be done as well, but require a separate price calculation. Please inquire for add-ons like this prior to your purchase, as you will receive a separate custom listing. Send me an email!

This Sphynx bust will come casted in bright white resin and is about 5.5 inches tall in total. I anticipate to send out BLANK orders at the end of August, and CUSTOM cats in October. This Preorder Offer ends in a weeks time on August 22nd, or as soon as all options are sold out. More cats will be available again in October.

DIY Sphynx Bust

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