RESERVED for Sarah

**This is a reserved commission**


Commissioned is a custom cat urn:

Total of 850$, free shipping.

50cm in height, resin casted, custom painted to look like the client's calico kitty.

Kitty will be sculpted in relaxed upright sitting position, eyes closed, ears relaxed.

Kitty is sitting on a stack of books.

Urn will be accessible from the bottom via lid.


This project will take between 4-6 weeks until completed and will be shipped when it is fully paid at time of completion. I will update you with pictures and videos during the progress. Please feel free to point out any little changes I can do to make this unique item perfect for you.


If there are any changes you'd like to discuss about the overall design, please do so prior to placing your order. It may affect the price.

Thank you so much for your trust and support. I am looking forward to creating your cat urn!

RESERVED for Sarah